The La Pine Rodeo Association Play Days are a series of timed events where the horse and rider must complete a pattern while being timed. Our play days are for people of all ages from new, inexperienced riders who are often on a lead line to those who are want to gain extra experience in between professional events. Play days are a family event and public spectators are welcome to come cheer on riders. 

The 2021 Play Days is an buckle series. Ribbons will be awarded for 1st through 6th place for each event at each play day. To qualify for 2021 year end awards, we ask that you be a member and compete in 3 play days for the season. Your membership dues (see membership page for rates and more information) help to pay for awards along with sponsorships that we have received from the community. Everyone who qualifies will get an award. We will have an awards ceremony either at the last play day or at a designated time to honor those who have qualified. Riders do not need to be a member to participate.

We will have a year end sportsmanship award as well. This will be decided upon by committee members and our regular volunteers. To be considered for this award we are looking for someone who is encouraging to others, helpful and shows a great love for the sport. We encourage everyone who show exceptional sportsmanship.

Rates for 2021

–Members: $15/day all ages (or $50/for all 4 with no refunds)

–Non-members all ages: $25/day


We will run Barrels, Poles, and 2 other rotating events. These events could be: Gaited Keyhole, Flags, Birangle, 2 Pole Run, Hour Glass, Big M; Turn-n-Burn, etc. We will post ahead of time regarding which events will be run.  

Play days follow OHSET rules and SOG’s (Standard Operating Guidelines) including those for patterns and dimensions. Some of the LPRA play day rules have changed or clarified, so please familiarize yourself with those as well.

Remember this is a volunteer run organization and event. We encourage everyone to help out some to make this run smoothly. We appreciate all our volunteers, so please jump in and help! We will have a volunteer form in the office to sign in your hours so we can keep track of everyone’s participation. There may be a prize at the end of the year!

Helmets are required for all riders under 18 years of age

Please sign the medical release before mounting your horse both inside and outside the arena. This medical release will be good for all year.

Congratulations to our 2020 winners:

Melvin Emert Sportsmanship Award: Kerri Raymond

All Pee Wee winners (no particular order): Aliana Crosby, Charlotte Berg, Claire Crosby, Elena Pappas, Rilynn Siemsen

Juniors: 1st (Buckle): Cabella Smith; 2nd Mackenzie Elliott, 3rd Tanner Hamilton; 4th Ally Hendry

Intermediates: 1st (Buckle): Hailey Smith; 2nd Kylee Smith; 3rd Cadty Rohrich; 4th Addison King

Seniors: 1st (Buckle): Josie Dockery; 2nd Taya Weaver; 3rd Desi Hanson

Adults: 1st (Buckle): Stephanie Olson; 2nd Heather Sittel and Herbie; 3rd Elizabeth Green; 4th Amber Siemsen

Super Seniors: 1st (Buckle): Kerri Raymond; 2nd Fran Sittel; 3rd Kathy Russell

2021 Play Day Schedule

 Registration 8:00AM-8:45AM 


8:45AM Volunteer meeting at the announcers booth


Start Time: 9:00AM with Flag presention

Saturday, May 22nd

Saturday, June 12th

Saturday, July 17th

Saturday, August 14th (END of Buckle Series)

Awards will follow, date TBD

Play Day Entry Form
Play Day Rules

Thank you to our 2021 Play Day Sponsors!