What's Happening?!


A new year, and with it brings a number of new board members, lots of ideas for new events, a new tax-exempt status, and plenty of opportunities for volunteers!

In the fall, a few of us traveled to Cottage Grove to see their grounds and talk with one of their board members about how they run things and what opportunities we may be missing. It was very educational, and resulted in changes to our membership structure.

The fact that we offered haul-in use of the grounds to non-members was a red flag to liability insurance companies, and resulted in us having to pay a lot for our liability insurance. So, we found an insurance agent that would help us structure our rules to limit this expense. We have instituted a "Members Only" riding club structure to the use of the arena and grounds during non-event time. We have also reduced the annual membership fees to $20 for individuals and $35 for families. Membership packets are available now. We can send or email a packet to you, just ask!

The grounds are also available to rent for clinics, competitions, and other types of events.